Teach your children to be aware of the dark side

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The rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands nor give up worshiping demons and idols… nor did they repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts. – Revelation 9:20

Transgender rights ideology has pivoted from gay liberation. Note: I do not agree with or condone any of these alternate sexuality cultic ideologies herein discussed.

I am a conservative Christian, adhering to the Biblical creation story. God made man in His own image, male and female. I believe we need to think about this growing ideology that has merged with a leftist political view, affected university campuses, and is infiltrating non-Christians’ collective consciousness at a very fast pace. A prophecy in the book of Revelation points to  a time when people will not repent — they have entered the wide gate of destruction before the judgement when Christ returns. What is the key issue: sexual immorality and sorcery or witchcraft, which is actually demonic possession. The leaders of the world are also seduced and support their sexual cults. This will become full blown to the degree that the majority of the world will revel in wickedness. (Matthew 7:13; Revelation 21:8; 17:2)

Aspects of the gay rights movement placed no real burdens on straight North Americans. They asked for basic protections—not to be prosecuted or harassed, or fired from their jobs for who they are, to be allowed to marry the person they love—that already covered all other citizens of the nation. These past adjustments in the gay laws allowed the current pivot to the darkest politicization of the anti-biblical transgender rights movement.

Transgenderism is a far creepier perversion, demanding something different: their ideology about gender and identity is designed to totally displace traditional, binary, and scientifically accepted conceptions of sex and gender. Moreover, these demands come with an implicit threat: If you don’t get with the program, we’ll label you a transphobe and do our best to make you persona non-grata. Or try to have you arrested for misgendering someone! Behind the blame game of victimization is a push for laws that aim to suppress, especially the Christian viewpoint.

This is a political move, not a call for respect. It’s a power grab intended to silence even those with honest questions about trans identity and to crowd such people out of the public discourse. It’s predominantly a losing battle. It may be best not to share your pearls with the swine nor sniff in the garbage bucket of the depraved.

The serious downside is the complete erosion of morality. Education systems will want to reach and teach your kids with this knowledge about gender swaps. Medical systems will offer their Faustian Bargain—knives to do Frankenstein-like irreversible plastic surgery! Pharmaceutical firms will offer hormone drugs to destroy the manhood and womanhood of children incapable of making such ludicrous decisions without brainwashed coercion! Capitalism is quickly jumping on the bandwagon.

If a man wants to become a woman, some propose that psychologically may be an inherent desire for feminized homosexuality (drag queen syndrome — often a gay exaggeration of female gender signifiers). Alternatively, if a woman wants to become a man, that would be akin to masculinized lesbianism (butch syndrome — a lesbian whose appearance and behaviour are seen as traditionally masculine), each with a latent desire to allure the same sex. This argument acknowledges the evolution of the gay movement that preceded transgenderism. Thus they all view themselves as part of this broken “community.”

God help us to circumvent this twisted, ungodly narrative. This is one sure sign that we’re in the last days. And the dark side laughs sardonically as they veer down their wide gate, hellishly demonic path. We live in a very broken and very sad world. Since the moment at creation when God said, ‘I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed’, Satan has been hard at work breaking down the institutions God put in place in paradise – the institutions made to benefit us and glorify the Creator – the most beautiful one being marriage. Marriage was established by God for loving companionship and to procreate – to go forth and multiply.

Transgenderism is just one ploy, one devastating plot with heartbreaking consequences — to destroy sexuality in the confines of marriage by exposing children at incredibly young ages to ideas and images they were never intended to grasp and carry. They are being told to go against every instinct in their biological being — in their own human nature, to become who they are not. They are and will be ongoingly confused, vulnerable, and preyed upon by perverted predators – hiding their devilish motives that they will never admit to. Important Video: Miriam Grossman

This knowledge is very dark — taboo dark — so children should be able to trust their parents and institutions paid for by our taxes to shield children from this propaganda – to stop flooding society with this perverted cultic sexual ideology. Children were never intended to be exposed to such wicked knowledge – let alone sexual gender transference, at a very young age (at any age) and with such an impressionable mind. Yet here we are – young children manipulated by our educational institutions to think of these sordid ungodly ideologies.

Exploring the world of sexuality in the cultic dictum of those who wish to tear down every traditional institution given in the Garden of Eden and to whitewash every historically cultural viewpoint since, aiming to advertise themselves as being on the right side of history. If you are Caucasian, they’ll compare you — today’s white people to slave owners of yesterday, shifting the concept of past bigotry forward to those exposing their anti-Christian values.

We must stand up in the churches to make God’s people aware of this war on our children at every level. For parents unaware of what is infiltrating their children’s schools, begin to educate yourselves on the culture war we are already in the midst of. The documentary “What is a Woman” can begin to reveal how this cult has a strong grip on society at many levels.

Teach your children well: Happiness comes not from making the world affirm “who we are,” but by becoming who we were created to be. Important Video: Miriam Grossman

Article posted by Glen R. Jackman, founder of GraceProclaimed.org

Glen has optimized his eldership role to teach the full scope of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ without boundaries.
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