My Testimony: A vision of Jesus Christ

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By Glen R. Jackman

In 1979, the same year my son was born, I had a seven-day vision of the Lord. The following is an account of my conversion to Jesus Christ as my Lord and my God. I had involvement in the United Church choir as a young boy, but sadly had slipped away from church-going and in retrospect was a sinner saved by Grace.

The Vision

Thousands upon thousands of people articulated in full colour in the sky (not cloudy figures), of all nations and all ages past; turbans inclusive, turning their heads, happy, then next manifesting terror as if an apocalyptic judgment was imminent; and back to joy, repeated again and again (I saw this as the righteous in Christ, versus the final fear of the unsaved facing judgement).

On the last of the successive daily visions, a bright atomic-like, pure white, penetrating light flashed all around me — a radiant universal light-force which I had never before experienced in the natural world, came towards the vision’s screen from behind and broke through the screen smashing it. I then beheld the magnificent face of the Lord Jesus Christ filling the entire sky.

During the vision, the light permeated everything around me. Jesus’ face portrayed absolute LOVE. He had long flowing white hair, radiant penetrating eyes, which I could see despite the brightness and glory of the vision. Jesus, the focal glorified Lord of the heavens and the earth was revealing His very clear directive, Sovereign Will, to me, wooing, calling this sinner, into His family, the heavenly, in-Christ, New Jerusalem church of which the apostle John wrote in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

His face expressed a character of pure love and obvious majestic God-power. I fell on my knees trembling, crying: “Lord, oh Lord, I know you are out there and alive; now teach me everything I need to know. I want to know you, and my purpose in your will”. The very next day, an invitation to an evangelistic series came in the mail. After several evenings of illuminating preaching by Gordon Pifher, along with a daily snippet from a gospel film, I was moved to the degree that I fell totally in unified love with Jesus (the person, not bound by religion) and was baptized without hesitation (along with my first wife, my mother, and sister). My vision confirms Isaiah’s reference that Paul quotes regarding how the Lord would reveal himself to the undeserving: “I was found by people who were not looking for me. I showed myself to those who were not asking for me.” (Romans 10:20) Joel 2:28 reveals that visions do occur: “I will pour out my Spirit upon all people…your young men will see visions.

Since then I have witnessed this radiant light on other occasions: during miraculous healing; in one case immediate healing of a bedridden person sick with pleurisy during a private anointing (a man of God must know healing is imminent and when to act).

While leading as a Publishing Director, working with another Gospel worker in Newfoundland, he and I met a family by knocking on a door of a home built near the Atlantic Ocean. This time the Lord’s Presence came near during prayer for this group who were eager to learn more about Jesus Christ. After sharing the Biblical doctrine of the 2nd Advent of Jesus Christ their home became immediately infused with bright white light and they all began crying aloud (when the Lord’s Presence becomes known with such open immediacy, a certain respectful fear of the Lord touches your soul). The Spirit of the Lord was touching their consciences with the sacred scriptures which only He knows how to administer. Though these folks were strangers, they opened their home with eagerness to know about the Lord.

On other occasions, I have had the Lord lead me with prophetic insights, at times hearing his directives clearly in my inward mind. Strong warnings have come to me in night visions which I have delivered to the souls to be warned: on one occasion unheeded, a man close to me was killed in a car accident exactly as I had seen in a dream.

Reflecting on my earlier preparatory period (prior to conversion and baptism), beginning as a very young man, a mystical experience confirmed the Presence of the Lord — God was active in a most mysterious way. Walking in nature or in an orchard (as a boy, several orchards surrounded our property), or during my landscape photography (my father started me off with a box camera at age 10); the Great Shepherd gently led me beside green pastures. In the old Carruthers orchard, a radical vision occurred during which time inexplicably stopped, which enlarged my viewpoint about the Lord being Omnipresent everywhere.

This was not explained in the theological commentaries

I have learned that not all men of the cloth understand these occurrences and can be derisive to a young man with budding faith. However, a pastor of the United Church advised that I indeed had a mystical experience. I’ll try to explain: I saw an atomic energy field of the Lord — the creator of all nature flow pulsatingly, with bright sparklike flashes of light-energy flowing, bending like a river towards me,  around and through my physical being and consciousness. At the time of these manifestations, I knew it was the Lord enveloping me, sharing His union as my Father. My faith was growing, and I was never afraid.

Often, I am called to rise in the wee hours to seek the Lord in prayer, and receive doctrinal revelation or life applicative solutions from Him.

Praise be to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Glen Jackman, 2015


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