If I be lifted up, I will draw all to myself

by | Posted July 25th at 6:41pm

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” — John 12:32 KJV

On this weekend, while the world of Christian faith surrounding us celebrates Easter, it is fitting that we spend a few quiet moments here considering a text from the Gospel, the Biblical record of the life of Christ.

Jesus left heaven to live where we do, share the daily life of a fellow human, and ultimately offer Himself as our substitute, so that we might experience His world where righteousness and freedom ultimately dwell.

Many of us go about our daily routine without much thought about how we can go to be with God. We are so accustomed to life as we know it that we scarcely recognize how much evil has become intertwined with just about everything.

But Jesus came to offer us something better. That could only happen through his death. Just as a transplanted organ often is possible only when the donor dies, so Salvation, and it’s outcome, living forever, required the death of its donor — Jesus.

Jesus must be lifted up both as sacrifice and as a witness that there is something much better than the little trinkets that we prize so much. And we MUST remind ourselves and others that Jesus is our hope, our promise and our redeemer.

So, in our own life, we need that constant reminder that Jesus has to be an unashamed theme of our thoughts, our conversation and our only hope of salvation each day.

John demonstrates elsewhere that people who embrace parts of faith can, at the same time, completely forget, that without Jesus, we have nothing. That’s it. Period.

So once again, I need Jesus. I need to stick close to Him. To ask the question throughout my day — “What would Jesus do here, with this challenge, I’m facing?” That’s how I make Jesus real.

And when Jesus is lifted up, He promises that He’ll do the drawing. Let’s lift up Jesus. In our neighbourhood. In our family. Where we work. The adventure can be ours.

Source: Pastor Mark Johnson



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