How the Lord led me as a Literature Evangelist

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For seven years after accepting the Lord, I worked in a peculiar ministry. As a Literature Evangelist, I shared quality Bibles and simplified commentaries on scripture for families: for adults and children.

Eventually, I trained other men of faith to do the same work as me. I would also preach the Word of God, often to replace pastors unable to be in their pulpits in various areas of Ontario, the Maritime province of Nova Scotia, and in Newfoundland.

How I learned to live by faith in the Lord’s leading

I will share one of those stories here. Scheduled to preach in Bellville on Sabbath, I drove from Peterborough, Ontario, via an old road I had never before driven.

Several miles from the city, I became fatigued and pulled over into the entrance drive of a cornfield. After the nap, I prayed over my open Bible, asking the Lord to be with me and give me words of encouragement to the people (the pastor’s son had just drowned in Lake Ontario).

A knock came on my car window. It was a young boy about 12 years of age. Asking if I was okay, he noted my Bible and said: I am a Christian too. I asked, “Which church do you attend, son?” Well, his answer revealed that I was preaching in his family’s church tomorrow! I asked the lad if he would mind if I told the folks how we met while preaching my message tomorrow — the title being: The Just Shall Live by Faith.

How the Lord led me to another young man 

As usual, I took my lunch on the road while working as a Literature Evangelist. This day, I was by Lake Ontario in a park in Trenton. Praying for guidance, I felt that the Lord was holding me back without question. Then all of a sudden, I heard a still small voice say “go now”. As I drove from the park, I stopped at the road junction to ask for directions from an approaching teenager. He noticed a small book on my passenger seat: Steps to Christ, and said: “my mother has that book”.  We chatted about how he was living away from home, his mother being a believer in my church’s College Park family in Oshawa, Ontario. I said to him. “I am certain that your mother is praying for you”. I spoke more words of encouragement and praised the Lord for his patience with me that he would use me to talk to this young man.

I have many more stories like this recorded in my written journals over the seven years in this sacred ministry.

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